Secret Gardens and Parks of SF

 May 27, 2015
Posted by jenn

Don’t you love finding secret little gems to get lost in. It’s hard to imagine that in an urban setting you have access to the quaint places. These places do exist! Come with me on a tour of some great spots to get away within the city.

The Crocker Galleria Roof Terrace has it all: shrubbery, flowering plants in larger planters, a great view, plenty of seating, and a fountain. It overlooks Market Street and the surrounding skyscrapers.
This park was built in 1972 on a half-acre filled with redwood trees. To make sure all feel welcome, the park’s entrance has a sign that reads “provided for the enjoyment of our employees, tenants and friends.” In the center of the park is a fountain decorated with frog sculptures, a tribute to Mark Twain’s story “To Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” In addition to the towering redwoods, there are also flowerbeds and ferns. The park’s open during business hours and closed on weekends.