7 Tools for the Home Chef

 June 7, 2015
Posted by jenn

Here are the top 7 tools of the trade for any home cook.

1. The flexible Cutting Board.

Yes, yes.. I know this tip is straight out of your grandma’s kitchen and simply put… it rules.

2. Garlic Peeler

At first glance you may see a big empty noodle.. well fear not, that’s not a noodle. Simply stick you cloves of garlic in this rubber noodle thing and roll it back and forth, and presto!!! Your garlic is free of its shell.

3. Immersion Blender

Yeah dood.. an immersion blender will have you cooking like a pro with a professional ease you never thought you had. It’s a bit of an investment.. yet a immersion blender will launch your cooking to the next level.

4. Citrus Squeezer

A sturdy citrus squeezer goes a long, long way. Don’t get caught up in the idea this is simply for cocktails.

5. Mandoline

I don’t care if you have a big one or a small one for garlic (that’s cute). A mandoline is a perfect essential for a serious at home cook. Watch you fingers!!

6. Microplane

The finest of grating.. the microplane. Don’t let your friends tease you for having one of these. The mandoline is a great tool for that fine grating of.. well.. anything.

7. Salad Spinner

I’m sorry.. but who has the time to sit and dry those precious leaves? NO ONE! Get yourself a deluxe salad spinner and have the crispiest leafs around.


No go n get professional.