Top 10 Android Apps

 August 14, 2015
Posted by jenn

As promised, here is the list of the latest and greatest in Android apps.  Although I’m a iPhone person through and through, I can see something good in all apps.


1. Star Wars

Disney and Lucasfilm launched an official Star Wars app for iOS and Android devices that lets users take selfies in iconic costumes, share animated gifs with friends, and catch up on the latest Star Wars news. The app also includes Star Wars themed weather and five-day forecasts, along with original art, and fans can discover fun facts with This Day In Star Wars History.


Tindog, for iOS and Android, is the first social app that aims to connect dog lovers with other dog owners nearby that share the same interests. Tindog users can create a profile for their dog, search to find new friends (furry or human) and share photos to connect with other dog lovers in the vicinity. Similar to Tinder, users can browse through recommended profiles and swipe left for “No” and right for “Yes.” If both users swipe right, then it’s a match, and they can organize a place to meet up. Tindog is a great way to make sure your dog will never have to walk in the park alone again.

3. Tossup

Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate meet-ups with a large group of friends — even with group messaging. Microsoft’s trying to solve the problem in a new way with an app for iOS and Android called Tossup. The app has a built-in Yelp integration to make it easier to figure out what to do when you all get together. Tossup also allows users to vote on topics such as which pair of shoes to buy or which team will win the upcoming game.

4. Truemessenger

Truemessenger is an SMS replacement app developed by Truecaller. Truemessenger shows you who sent that random SMS, and it automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder so that you can keep your SMS inbox clean and organized. You can block unwanted messages and share intel about spammers with the community, which helps everyone avoid them.

5. Hooks

Hooks is a new app for Android that promises to “send you alerts for everything you care for.” Users can create custom alerts for Sports, Music, Video, Weather, and more. Users can even get notified of new concerts, festivals, and albums from their favorite band. The app also features more than 100 channels, and new channels are added every week.

6. Chimpchange

ChimpChange makes it easy to transfer money to friends and family members while on the go. As long as users have their ChimpChange MasterCard, they can access their money anytime, spend money anywhere, and get cash back at supermarkets.

7. Cloudplayer

DoubleTwist has released an app called CloudPlayer, which streams albums and tracks you’ve uploaded to Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Browse your library by artist, album, song, genre, composer or playlist. The app also supports audio formats including MP3, AAC, and OGG, as well as FLAC and ALAC files.

8. Halo Channel

Microsoft just released an Android version of its Halo Channel app, which includes original programming like The Sprint, The Bulletin, and Red vs Blue. The Halo Channel app was first launched on Xbox One and Windows 8 PCs last year and has been providing entertainment for Halo fans from around the world.

9. HBO Now

HBO Now is a standalone streaming service that gives users the ability to stream hit shows like Game of Thrones, Girls, Sex and the City, and Silicon Valley. On the Google Play Store, HBO is allowing new customers to try out the service for free for the first thirty days. Users will have the ability to cancel or continue their subscription at $14.99/month.

10. Wifi Mapper

After WiFiMapper for iOS received more than 155,000 downloads in the first two months of its launch, the app is now available on Android. While the Android version is mostly the same as its iOS counterpart, it offers a few additional features. In addition to finding WiFi hotspots, users can view the Wi-Fi hotspots they’ve linked to, and see how much time they spent on those networks.

(List taken from digital trends)