Best 15 Time Wasting Websites 2015

 August 17, 2015
Posted by jenn

I can tell you right now that I really don’t have time to be wasting but these are pretty fun time wasting sites that are just crazy.

#1. Find The Invisible Cow

As the name suggests, you have to find a cow from the page shown to you. Its a stupid thing but not bad for killing your time. Try this and have fun!

#2. Hacker Typer

Hacker typer is a Bollywood/Hollywood style hacking program. Here you just have to press any keyboard buttons and it will generate automatic codes. Freak out your friends now.

#3. The Useless Web

The Useless Web site takes you to the new useless site every-time you click on the please button. This further opens many time wasting websites for spending free time.

#4. Shake Vigorously

Staggering Beauty is a website which contains flashing images. Here you will see a dancing worm which works with the help of your mouse.

 #5. Shady URL

This is one of the best time wasting websites. Here you don’t only shorten the URL but also make it look weird like a virus. Freak out your friends or boss with this. For example: points to this GeeksFlame’s homepage.

#6. Duck Sare The Best

This page adds your cursor with a yellow duck. It moves with your mouse pointer and paste ducks on the same path you move. Try this awesome site.

#7. Shut Up and Take My Money

A shopping site which sells the useless stuff which you don’t need but wanna buy. Yea! it sounds like awesome time wasting websites.

#8. Duolingo

Duolingo is a free site to learn different languages in free time. Here learning is just like a fun!

#9. Weave Silk

With this website, one can draw stunning symmetrical-images with the click of a mouse. It creates images with the mirror effects. Use this time wasting websites for fun, art and creativity.

#10. Poptropica

A free site to play online games free. Just press “Play Now” button and this will start your turn.

#11. Foddy is a free game online in which you have to control a runner with the help of your keyboard. It’s not an easy game as you think. If you don’t believe, then try playing it.

#12. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Love Apples

It is like a flash game in which you have to pick an apple and take it to fat lady’s mouth. Its just a funny game and i am sure you are gonna like it.

#13. The Nicest Place On Internet

Need Hug? yes! if you are feeling bored than this 1 of the great time wasting websites can help you. Just reach here and you will see how much people do loves you.

#14. Party Cloud sync the music automatically and makes you a DJ. Play the music online and add different effects to that.

#15. Free Rice

Just earn free rice by answering the meanings of english words. It is also very useful for learning vocabulary and makes mind sharp and active.

(thanks to Geeksflame)