14 San Francisco Bartenders You Need To Know

 August 21, 2015
Posted by jenn
Comstock Saloon (address and info)
North Beach
You know you’re in competent hands when your bartender has the nickname “Lady of Lushery.” Catch her at this turn-of-the-century upscale saloon slinging drinks faster than Old Western sharp shooters.
Specialty cocktail: “Comstock Saloon’s menu is built with classics and doesn’t change very often, so it’s nice to surprise someone with a classic cocktail that they may have not had before. I tend to swap out an ingredient in some of these classics and hopefully give the guest the chance to try something new.”
Where she drinks when she’s not working: “I tend to drink simply when I go out, wine, Sherry, or straight whiskey. On the rare night away from Comstock, you could probably find me at Trick Dog or ABV, not only are they great bars but they have delicious food.”
What she loves about San Francisco: “I love the tight community feeling in San Francisco. I have the pleasure of working at a popular neighborhood spot with some of the best folks in the business, and I live in Bernal Heights and see familiar faces as I walk my dog and get my coffee every day.”
(Taken 100% from the Thrillist)