Anthony Bourdain’s 2015 Bay Area Visits

 October 15, 2015
Posted by jenn
Spotted at Oakland’s Juhu Beach Club. A local must!

Everyone wants to eat like Anthony Bourdain, the enfant terrible of the food world turned its leading man.

Juhu Beach Club is taking that quite literally, and in anticipation of an upcoming Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Bay Area episode airing this Sunday on CNN at 9 p.m. — a week before it was originally scheduled — they took notes during his recent visit to the celebrated Oakland restaurant, where it sounds like he very much enjoyed Preeti Mistry’s Indian street food inspired cuisine. The restaurant is offering a tasting menu for two showcasing everything Bourdain ate there. If you’d like to eat things your way, the regular menu will be available too.

“Eaters chase [Bourdain’s] recommendations around the globe,” says Mistry. “His visit was a big deal to us, and we’re genuinely thrilled to get his stamp of approval.” We’ll have to wait and see what he thought of the scene in general, as the tag for the show is “Bourdain searches for soul in the Bay Area as the tech boom takes hold.” Ominous!

via Juhu Beach Club

Due to the Sinbad’s standoff saga, Bourdain was also spotted in June filming at that spot, which dodged its millionth bullet today — by filing for bankruptcy. Bourdain was also seen at House of Prime Rib and Swan Oyster Depot. He never seems to miss a chance to go there, does he?


Earlier this year, he visited several other local favorites.

Well this is interesting. Food world bad boy turned world-traveling culinary explorer Anthony Bourdain was spotted in the Bay Area this week, on Monday, at the much talked about and clearly endangered Sinbad’s, for reasons we don’t understand.Tablehopper got the tip, noting how remarkable it is that Sinbad’s is holding on despite the Port of SF’s aggressive efforts to evict them, and despite the fact that a judge basically ordered them out a month ago.

It’s unclear what Bourdain was doing at Sinbad’s exactly, but it looks like it will be part of a new episode of his CNN show Parts Unknown, which will air in the fall.

According to Bourdain’s tweets, he was also visiting with SF jiu-jitsu master Ralph Gracie.

Update: Eater notes, via his Instagram, that he also dined at Swan Oyster Depot (a past favorite) and House of Prime Rib.

Previously, Bourdain has shot episodes of his former shows No Reservations and The Layoverhere, saying famously of SF in 2011, “It’s a two-fisted drinking town, a carnivorous meat-eating town, it’s dirty and nasty and wonderful.”

(both articles taken from SFist)