10 Sanity Saving Tips for Thanksgiving

 November 16, 2015
Posted by jenn

These simple tips are unconventional and work. Check it out:

Use an ice chest as a temporary fridge to free up precious space in the fridge. You can also use it as warmer if you need, it’s insulated you know.

Use pennies to weigh down your pie crust – beans and rice also work.

Aluminum foil as a roasting rack. Simply roll up foil and form it into a coil and place turkey on “rack”.  Cheap and easy!

Use a slow cooker to keep mashed potatoes warm. This can work with other sides too.

Everyone knows to make a great gravy means using the turkey drippings. Don’t have a fat separator? Use a measuring cup to separate the fat off your gravy.

Use a thermos to keep your gravy warm while everyone is eating.

Save a ton of time by skimming your local store’s salad bar. Yes, this is cheating but think about it, everything is already cleaned and prepped for you.

Use your kitchen cabinets to hold your recipes while you cook.

Use chicken broth to revive your overdone and dried out turkey. Hey.. it happens.

Keep your guests out of the kitchen by setting out tasks for people to do. Put out a tray with wine and water to be poured and served.

(photos and inspiration by Food Network)