Carmel Getaway

 March 31, 2016
Posted by jenn

I recently made my way down south to Carmel by the Sea. I had such a glorious time and wanted to share some of the great finds and fun I had.

I should also say that this was not a romantic getaway, just me and a good friend.

Coming to Carmel doesn’t have to be expensive. We were able to find great accommodation for a reasonable price and right in town.

We Stayed and The Village Inn 

It wasn’t high end by any means but clean, comfy and cozy. For 130.00 a night we got a nice room, free parking, Wifi and breakfast. You can’t beat that.

Now on to the fun stuff.

Wine Tasting in Carmel is fantastic.. especially when you aren’t driving. The car was left at the hotel and we bounced around town to some great tasting rooms. Here are my favorites.

Trio Carmel was one of my favorites and served these delicious wines. So GOOD!

A huge perk about tasting in Carmel is that the wine tasting rooms are all near each other.

Galante offered bold reds in a western ranch setting.

Silvestri has a lovely variety of wines in a fun setting. The ladies pouring here are a riot!

Manzoni is small but the wines pack a powerful punch!

Dawn’s Dream is right next store to Silvestri and is owned by the wife of Galante. Gotta keep it in the family.

These are just a few – there’s way more!

Now let’s talk about food. Again, I want to point out that my companion and I wanted reasonably priced good quality food. There are plenty of places in Carmel that could blow your purse into the next county but we wanted to savor and enjoy. Also – something to note, there’s a lot of Italian food here.

Forge in the Forest was a favorite of ours. It was one block away from our hotel and had some delicious fare.

La Balena is also super close to the hotel. Delicious traditional Italian food. YUM!

Anton & Michel is pretty swanky, I really recommend sitting on the bar side next to the fire.

The Treehouse Cafe is charming with a mix of various culinary types. It’s a little weird at first to see Mediterranean, Italian and Thai food all on one menu, but man is it good.

Maybe you don’t have time to sit down for a full meal. Grab a delicious sandwich on the go from Bruno’s Market.

I hope this will help you eat and drink your way through Carmel. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful beaches.