5 DIY Home Upgrades Under $100

 April 23, 2016
Posted by jenn

Fixing up your place doesn’t have to be expensive, check out these awesome inexpensive upgrades. It’s all about the little things.


polished chrome utility hook

Make Your Sink Do Double Duty

How to do it: Fit an undermount sink with a cutting board for more prep space. Measure the length and width of the basin, adding ½ inch to each side. Trim a piece of butcher block to size with a jigsaw. Then create a lip around its underside so that it will rest on the edge of the counter.

Estimated cost: 18-by-12-inch maple block, about 86; Butcher Block Co.

a plate and vase on a display shelf above a door

Doorway Display

How to do it: Add a shelf above a doorway, paint it to match the trim, then use it to display pottery.

Estimated cost: 40-inch-long 1×6 red oak shelf and two 7-inch Classic Oak Brackets, about $32; Rockler

drapes hung at ceiling height giving the illusion the windows are larger

Upsize Your Windows

How to do it: Make small windows look larger by hanging drapes at ceiling height.

Estimated cost: Pair of 108-inch Brimfield 4-in-1 Panel Drapes in Carafe, about $70; JCPenny

cupboard with glass doors swung open showing the painted interior

Brighten Cabinet Insides

How to do it: Highlight the inside of a glass-front cupboard by brushing on a bold hue.

Estimated cost: Aquarium Blue latex paint, $16 per quart; Benjamin Moore

bathroom with ladder as used as a towel rack against the far wall

Use a Ladder as a Bath-towel Rack

How to do it: Lean it against a wall and sling bath sheets and washcloths over its rungs. The white metal ladder shown here is new.

Estimated cost:For even more character, try a colorful, vintage five-rung wood ladder, about $43; A Rustic Garden

(Taken from This Old House)