Radio Eden

 July 14, 2016
Posted by jenn

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Have you heard of Radio Eden? I just recently found out about it and thought it was a unique idea for people that are working close to Silicon Valley / Mountain View and are looking for a cheaper living or temporary living situation. I’m not saying that it’s a solid solution but it’s worth checking out – even for those who are just traveling through that want an interesting adventure.

Radio Eden is flexible communal co-living in Mountain View. I realize that this may not be for everyone but it could really be useful for folks coming in from out of town for business or moving to the area and needing a transitional place to land.

From Radio Eden website:

What is Radio Eden?

Radio Eden offers flexible community co-living options for stays of a few months during transitional periods such as moving to the area, or short-term work like a startup incubator program, internships or contracting. Some residents move in nearby and become family, while others continue to live with us.

You could come from anywhere to make a better life, pay student debt, get your big career break, build an amazing company or to make a difference. We’re here to make feeling at home easier.

Why Does Community Living Matter?

Some things have always been taught communally like cooking, languages, music, and computers, but in-person communities are becoming rarer. Radio Eden seeks to be a place where we can learn from each other for learning’s sake: an inter-generational financially-accessible co-living community.

Find out more on their website.