Links – August 2016

Join me in a new monthly series featuring some of my latest favorite websites for life and beyond.

DIY Decor Projects Worth Tackling in 2016 – Some amazing ideas to really spruce up your space and stick with the trends.

3 Productivity Tips You Can Start Using Today – Harvard Business School’s quick tips to keep you on track and successful.

How I Work – A series by LIfehacker featuring leaders in their fields and the items they use to get the job done.

All Day – An interesting and intellectual site to get lost in.

Sea Otter Cam – Need a break? Get swept away with the live otter cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Family Share – A site dedicated to helping you improve family life and more.

Things Organized Neatly – Just as it sounds, picture of neatly organized things and situations. It’s actually very satisfying.

Cheat Sheet – Time saving cheats/guides and advice for men – Amazon’s cheaper competitor.

DevArt – Art made with code.

Have any sites that you love and think should be mentioned?  Share it the comments.

Happy LInking!