Wait.. Summer Isn’t Over Yet

 August 29, 2016
Posted by jenn

The Thrillist just posted the article “50 Ways to Take Your Summer to the Next Level”. As a last attempt to hold onto summer, I’m sharing the article here. Make the most of the small time we have left and grab your sweater/coat.

Sure, summer in San Francisco doesn’t translate to sun-soaked days at the beach, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a million ways to have the best time you’ve ever had. Or at least 50 ways — we know, because we found them. If the season isn’t blowing your mind so far, check out our list of awesome opportunities to take every aspect of SF summer — the eating, drinking, and doing — to a whole other level. Oh, and bring a sweater.


1. Dine al fresco at the best outdoor restaurants in SF. But as we mentioned, just be sure to bring your puffy jacket. And your winter hat. And probably call ahead to make sure there are heat lamps.

2. Head to a Giants game and eat all of the very best foods at AT&T Park. Because even though “Buy me some peanuts and porcini doughnuts” doesn’t have the same ring to it, now you don’t have to wait two months for a reservation to indulge in the famous Rich Table delicacy. Also: Crazy Crab’z Dungeness crab sandwich, pizza fromTony Gemignani’s Slice House, and Irish nachos from Murph’s Pub.

3. Chow down at all of the summer food festivals. There’s the Zucchini Festival in Hayward, the Tomato Festival in Fairfield, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival at Ghirardelli Square, the Seafood and Music Festival in Pittsburg, Eat Drink SF, and the best one of all: the Gilroy Garlic Festival. Because you can’t claim “NorCal” until you’ve eaten free garlic ice cream.

4. Track down all of the best food trucks at Off the Grid events all over the Bay Area. Think of it as a scavenger hunt for the food-obsessed.

5. Eat every single one of the best donuts in SF. After all, there’s really no point in having a beach bod in a city where you never even go to the beach.

6. Grab one of SF’s best sandwiches and enjoy it in the sunshine on a secret rooftop. It’s kind of like a picnic at the beach, just without the fog and the chewing on sand parts.

7. Eat the best ice cream in the city. What’s summer without a cupcake sundae from Frozen Khusterd? Or a classic cone from Three Twins? It’s not the kind of summer we want to live in, that’s for sure.

8. Put the hot dogs down. Step away from the grill. And instead, go indulge in some of the best BBQ in the Bay Area.

9. Save money by eating the best burgers in SF under $10. You’re gonna need that extra cash if you want to…

10. Experience all of these tasting menus. Though you may still have cash leftover!


11. Drink a at every single one of SF’s rooftop bars. Which is actually something you can totally accomplish considering there are only six… [sad face] [but also happy because this is a goal you & your friends can actually achieve].

12. And then also have a drink at as many of these 42 bars you need to check out before you die. Don’t worry; there are a few overlaps so you can do this.

13. Speaking of… you should probably also sip from a Scorpion Bowl at one (or five) of the Bay Area’s 20+ Tiki bars. Including the newest addition, Pagan Idol.

14. Put on your best green sweater and check out the city’s best Irish bars.

15. Check out the Bay Area Brew Fest. Dozens of international and domestic beers and all of the food trucks.

16. Not a morning person? Check out the best coffee shops in the East Bay.

17. And in case we’re totally wrong about the weather, you might want that on ice. There’s a lot more to cold coffee drinks in SF than “milk or no?” — check out these crazy concoctions.

18. Play tourist and get a drink at a bar that only out-of-towners frequent. Bonus points if you convince everyone there you’re a tourist also. (Hint: selfie stick.)

19. Sip on a drink at one of SF’s smallest watering holes.

20. Find the best beer bar within walking distance of wherever you are. Or maybe skip the socializing and fill up a growler of beer and clink glasses with a friend on a rooftop (again, sweaters).


21. Drive down the PCH and stop at all of these breathtaking stops. If not for yourself, for your Insta. Your food pics are getting soooo old.

22. Go on these five summer Northern California road trips. We know your bucket list is pretty full right now (YOU’RE WELCOME), but seriously, if you only do five road trips during your time in California, these are them. Make it happen.

23. Go on an under-the-radar road trip. Because while Napa and Tahoe are great, sometimes vacation is about not bumping into every single person you’ve ever met.

24. Grab your best friend (that’s your dog, duh) and head to Carmel, one of the most pet-friendly towns in the country, for the weekend. The Cypress Inn will happily accommodate you and your pets and even has a “yappy hour” at the bar. Mr. McSnugglesWorth will never lament the dog days of summer again.

25. Travel to beer festival, like the Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza or the California Craft Beer Summit. We could give you a reason, but do you need one?

26. Stick to your budget with one of these 11 fun-as-hell California road trips that won’t break the bank. We’ve got all the deets on how to do ‘em on the cheap, even if you’re not into camping.

27. Visit one of California’s spookiest ghost towns. The abandoned towns provide interesting history lessons… often about just how many bars and saloons gold mining towns had. (So. Many.)

28. Pack up for a NorCal road trip beach adventure, and spend the weekend frolicking in the sand.

29. Fulfill your boating, swimming, and floating dreams by driving to one of these 10 lakes that are way closer to SF than Lake Tahoe.

30. Or just deal with the Tahoe traffic. Because what’s five+ hours when you’ve got all of these waterfront bars to hang out at once you arrive?


31. Take a hike. One of these Bay Area hikes with killer views, that is.

32. Soak away your troubles in a natural hot spring, all of which are just an hour or three away from SF. And many of which are clothing optional. Probably shouldn’t have listened to us about those donuts earlier.

33. Have a ton of fun for under $10. Assuming you like things like video games, boat rides, and beer that is.

34. Sweat it out.. side. An outdoor workout classes, like a bootcamp at Alta Plaza, resistance training on the beach, and rooftop spin or yoga will give you a break from the gym and a way better backdrop for all of those gym selfies you insist on posting.

35. Eat your way through the Ferry Building. Burgers and oysters and ice cream, oh my, you should probably pack some Pepcid.

36. Spend the day at Ghirardelli Square. Yeah, yeah. You think it’s so lame there, but guess what? You’re wrong. (And we mean that in the nicest way possible.) Plus, there’s a beer garden that’s only running through summer.

37. Start a fire… A beach bonfire. Here’s everything you need to know about where, when, and how to do it. The why is, of course, self-explanatory. (Fire!!!)

38. Do all of this free stuff. No, but seriously: with 101 things on the list, you can’t ever complain that you’re broke and bored again. Deal?

39. Enjoy a country club summer without the country club prices at an affordable pool, golf course, or tennis court. Popped collar optional.

40. Check out the best thing in every SF neighborhood. Karaoke, a secret beer garden, ribs, erotic cookies, and clam chowder out of a bread bowl… This is a good one to do the next time you’re tempted to bitch about this amazing city of ours.


41. Watch a movie under the stars. Skip the Twizzlers in lieu of dinner from a food truck or nearby to-go joint. And don’t forget the thermos.

42. Visit the new SFMOMA. But do it right. And do it now. ‘Cause it’s really all anyone’s talking about.

43. Or skip those crazy crowds and go to a totally obscure museum instead. ‘Cause the SFMOMA might be cool, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t have over 1,000 PEZ dispensers. Or a huge collection of hand fans. Or a sake exhibit that you can enjoy while sipping sake.

44. You wait all year for Summer Fridays, so do not squander those precious afternoons of freedom.

45. Indulge in some secret SF nightlife. Because seriously, how many nights in a row can you meet up for drinks? (Well, a lot obviously, but the secret stuff is fun too. And makes for better snapchats.)

46. See the SF Symphony, The O’Jays, and The New Pornographers. For free. Because that’s just how they do it at Stern Grove. Don’t forget to bring a wine and cheese picnic to enjoy while you wait for the show to start.

47. Don’t stop at Stern Grove though. Go to all the Bay Area summer concerts. Yes, including some you’ll have to pay for. Sometimes that’s just the way life is.

48. Go on a boat. Sailing, SUPing, kayaking, rowing… That’s all stuff you can do thanks to the fact that we are surrounded by water on three sides!

49. Discover these “secret” SF attractions you didn’t even know existed. Or feel super smug that you totally knew about them a million years ago and go check ‘em out again anyway.

50. Celebrate the fact that once summer’s over… it’s really just beginning. Just one more reason to love this wacky city we call home.

(thank you Thrillist)