Links – September 2016

 September 9, 2016
Posted by jenn

Back again with some of our favorite links from time wasting, time saving and all the rest.

Solve the Riddle – This is great if you like riddles and puzzles.

Hemingway App – Hemingway App, named after the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway is basically a free grammar and error checking tool to improve your writing significantly. Get rid of those cliches and improper adverbial usage with this web app

Down For Everyone Or Just Me? – Ever wondered if the problem is with your network or if the website is really down? Check this website to confirm your doubts regarding error on whose end is causing you trouble accessing the web.

This Is Why I’m Broke -This is an amazing online shopping website that lets you browse through the amazing and unique gifting products like LED Faucet or Credit-card sized toolkit! Find all those exotic and funky gift products here!

A Good Movie To Watch – Are you a movie maniac, with not being able to find something cool and interesting to watch always? This website provides you with Staff Picks and Random Suggestions to find the next best movie to watch.

Faces Of Facebook  – Creepy and cool. Are you feeling all ‘Me, Me’ while on Facebook? This website reminds users how tiny they all are when considered the big picture. The entire length of this website is loaded with all the 1.2 Billion+ users on Facebook and have a good time finding out your face in it! And as you may have guessed it, the #1 Facebook face is Mark Zuckerberg himself.

TIME’S Timelapse – Ever wondered how climate change and human evolution has changed the world over the past three decades? Well, TIME magazine and Google in collaboration built this amazing Timelapse of Columbia Glaciers, Amazon Forests, Dubai and Las Vegas; captured through three decades of Satellite Photography. We have come a long way, haven’t we?

Truu Confessions – Hidden fears, repressed hate, dirty secrets, embarrassing faux pas moments, overwhelming guilt… you’ll get all this juice and more at Shocking, pitiful, horrific…yes.  It’s also really addictive to read these public confessions.  Have you had your daily helping of neuroses today?

Oddee – is a fascinating blog about the bizarre, weird, and strange. Yes, there are many girly pictures at this site, but there are also some really fascinating stories about medicine, geography, modern anthropology, modern art, pop culture, music, and more. Don’t open this site at your office desk, as there is partial nudity on several of the icons.

Wonder How To – How to flirt like a pro. How to cut a beer bottle in half. How to tell the difference between a prostitute and an undercover cop.  How to steal a Guinness record for free throwing. How to turn your car into an armored tank. How to levitate a Zippo flame. How to detect nukes. is a delicious buffet of engineering, ingenuity, and curiousity. Addiction factor = 5/5

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