This Wine Delivery Service Is Like Having Your Own Sommelier

 October 21, 2016
Posted by jenn

WineAwesomeness finds delicious wines (so you don’t have to), and ships them right to your door.


You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy a quality glass of vino, especially not with WineAwesomeness. This delivery service is changing the game with its personalized wine selection and delivery services. Check it out: a three-pack is now $30, marked down from the usual $45.

You’ll get your choice of three red, white, or a variety pack of wines per month, with descriptions of their origins and suggested food pairings included. These are unique wines picked from around the world, custom-selected by a Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year. In other words: these aren’t your regular ol’ grocery store bottles.

And if you’re taken by any of your bottles? You’ll have the option of buying more straight from WineAwesomeness’s wine list. Get started with a three-pack from WineAwesomeness for 33% off MSRP—just $10 for each hand-picked bottle!

Can’t get enough? Check out these bonus deals:

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