5 Classic Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

 January 5, 2017
Posted by jenn


Drizzly, chilly afternoons are nice for curling up on the couch with something hot in a mug and a good, old movie on the TV. And the classics are perfect for relaxing with: they’re easy to follow, a little on the cheesy side and they’ll be sure to make you smile. Plus, a little overdone romance is never a bad thing.

Next time the clouds roll in, take a look at this list and pick a silver screen sensation to keep you company.

1. How to Steal a Million (1966)


This film is humorous, lighthearted, kind of cheesy (in the best way, of course) and stars the timeless classic herself, Audrey Hepburn.


2. The Sound of Music (1965)


You really can’t go wrong with a musical or Dame Julie Andrews. This insta-favorite, which includes seven kids and the regal Christopher Plummer, is no exception. There’s laughter, romance, music and Austrian scenery. Even if you’ve never seen it before, we bet you’ll know some of the words to these famous songs.


3. It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)


Even though it’s a Christmas movie, you don’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy this flick. Hello, it’s got Jimmy Stewart, and he’s pretty great any time of year. And when there’s romance and good old ‘40s fun involved, how can you say no?


4. The Birds (1963)


This is old-fashioned horror at its finest. There’s nothing quite as shockingly funny (and maybe a little scary) as an over-acted horror movie. This one by Alfred Hitchcock is quite the classic for good reason. Be prepared for creepy birds, screaming damsels and a cameo appearance by the legendary director himself.


5. While You Were Sleeping (1995)


We figure we can start counting movies from the ‘90s as “classics” now that it’s more than 20 years behind us. (Gasp, we know!) This flick, starring Sandra Bullock, brings humor and romance to the lives of a single woman and lonely man. (Oh, how very ‘90s indeed!) Add some dysfunctional family dynamics and an impossible twist and you have the recipe for a perfectly uplifting chick flick.

(Thanks Feather Magazine)