• Check out the unconventional cleaning tips and tricks.

    Use coffee filters to clean TVs, monitors and other screens.

    Use Kosher salt and lemons to clean your chopping board without leaving any chemicals.

    3,Baking soda can be a great solution for cleaning your sofa.

    4.Use chalk before you wash your clothes to clean greasy stains qui […]

  • Have you ever wanted to create films like Miyazaki? Or animate a series like Futurama? Well, the tools of the trade are about to become much more accessible. Digital Video, the makers of the 2D animation software Toonz, and Japanese publisher DWANGO have announced that as of March 26 Toonz will be made open source under the name OpenToonz […]

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    Peeps are an Easter staple and now you can make them in the comfort of your own home.

    The general technique is simple: pipe a teardrop that is about an inch and a half long onto either a sugar-coated plate or a lightly greased piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap. Both the sugar-coated surface and the greased paper will prevent the m […]

  • We all know Ikea is a good go to place for inexpensive goodies and such, but don’t you ever just want more? Maybe you have design in mind that you don’t see at Ikea or maybe there’s a better way you can utilize what you already have. Trolling the interwebs I’ve come across a website that does just that called &#822 […]

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    We are so lucky to live in a time that we have technology but every once in awhile it’s good to use your hands to make something. Check out these great projects:
    DIY Rubber Stamps

    Make your own Sculpey Rings:

    Create your own journals:

    Learn the art of quilling:

    Whatever the project is.. challenge yourself and tap into that crea […]

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    Industrial decor is not a new idea yet has remained a go-to for live/work spaces and beyond. Check out these great ideas and start screwing your pipes together.
    Hanging lights
    Gear table
    Track table

    Industrial bucket lights

    Garment rack on casters

    Pipe bookshelf

    Old magazine rack and rolling wood crate

    Indust […]

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    I’m sure that everyone has heard of the term “Maker” or at least heard of “Maker Faire” – Recently, Intel launched an inspiring web series about America’s Greatest Makers featuring their stories and inventions. The web series is building up to television series featuring makers competing to creat […]

  • It doesn’t take much to spruce up your already fabulous home. Check out these 5 awesome project ideas from Better Homes & Garden.

    Add Storage to Your Entry

    If a traditional entry closet or a beautiful built-in shelving system is not an option in your home, refashioned furniture can achieve a look that’s equally stylish a […]

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    Up there with being an astronaut, comic book artist, or the President, there’s one job that your average kid would probably love to snag: Working at Pixar. Animation and Pixar enthusiasts of all ages, take note! Pixar in A Box (or PIAB) is a collaboration between Khan Academy and Pixar Animation Studios that focuses on real-Pixar-worl […]

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    Duct tape crafts have been around for a long time and they just keep getting better. Check out these cool projects and hop to it.

    Cool duct tape beads

    Look at the rad duct tape purse. 

    Duct Tape Animal Tablet Cover – Perfect for kids.

    Awesome Duct Tape Wallet – A classic project!

    Duct tape wall art – So cool!
    Lo […]

  • Here’s what the editors at House Beautiful predict everyone will love in the coming year.

    Will redecorating be one of your New Year’s resolutions this time around? Start here — we’ve scoured all of our best design resources to predict what you’ll want in your home in 2016.
    The “Glamily” Room

    What& […]

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    CES always offers up a good show with all the latest in tech and electronics. Check out some of Techcrunch’s favorite things.

    1. The EHang 184 is a human-sized drone built by the Chinese UAV company EHang. It is an autonomous drone that will be able to carry a single passenger for 23 minutes at a speed of 60 MPH. The 184 also has […]

  • From Money Talk News
    A rockin’ New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little planning and creativity, you can throw a cheap, yet awesome, end-of-the-year bash.
    Here are 10 tips for welcoming in 2016 with frugal flair.
    Tip 1: Host it at home
    No need to go out and rent a space for your party. Hosting at your hous […]

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    These gifts could help kids fall in love with science and math
    (By Tim Bajarin from TIME)

    The Maker Movement, which is all about hacking together DIY gadgets and gizmos, started here in Silicon Valley, but has since spread across the world. Originally focused on technology projects, Makers now tackle all kinds of products, from beekee […]

  • Some of the best and most thoughtful gifts are those that are homemade and thoughtful. Check out some of these simple ideas that may inspire you.

    Paint-Dipped Kitchen Utensils

    Gift a foodie friend with these colorful paint-dipped kitchen utensils. Bonus point if you match her kitchen’s color scheme!
    Get the tutorial at Cleverl […]

  • Photo by Maker Faire
    The folks from Make: magazine and Maker Faire have just opened up a pop up store for the holidays right off Union Square. The store is only open until January 15th and is loaded with the best maker and tech gifts for all ages.
    photo from SF Chronicle
    The store includes some pretty awesome products. Here are some of my […]

  • Warm up friends and family with these 5 delicious cocktails.
    Mott & Mulberry

    Leo Robitschek of The Nomad Bar in NYC uses fresh apple cider and maple syrup in his perfect cold-weather cocktail.

    1 ounce rye
    1 ounce Luxardo Amaro Abano
    3/4 ounce apple cider
    1/4 ounce pure maple syrup
    1/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
    5 thin a […]

  • Nothing beats making your own decorations, especially for the holidays. Check out these fun and eccentric DIY decoration ideas. These are are great for the family or maybe invite your friends over for some creative cheer. Enjoy!

    Fake a Roaring Fireplace
    Apartment dwellers and urbanites: this project’s for you. Get creative to craft […]

  • These simple tips are unconventional and work. Check it out:

    Use an ice chest as a temporary fridge to free up precious space in the fridge. You can also use it as warmer if you need, it’s insulated you know.

    Use pennies to weigh down your pie crust – beans and rice also work.

    Aluminum foil as a roasting rack. Simply roll u […]

  • No need to spend a ton of money getting into the spirit. Why not make your own and invite friends and family to join you. Check out these fun DIY Autumn projects.
    Photo by Lacquer and Linen
    Autumn Wreath
    Raid your craft closet and the store for fun, seasonal add-ons that will make your door the envy of the neighborhood. If you can’t fin […]

  • Hurry… you still have time.

    Taken from CloeCotoure
    and here’s one with just makeup

    video by Teri Blitzen

    Starting this week, the Bay Area Science Festival offers up something for everyone. Check out the schedule of events HERE.
    This Friday is the Tested Live show at the Castro Theater. Featuring Adam Savage from Mythbuster’s. More info HERE.

    Don’t miss out on one of the be […]

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    Check out these 5 clever ways to custom paint your next project. Have you ever heard of doing it with paint and water? It’s a pretty amazing technique and easier than you think. Do I see some custom Halloween projects in the future? Check it out.

    What will you make?
    (Parts taken from Makezine.com)

  • Couldn’t make it to Maker Faire this year.. well don’t worry, you have one more chance to join in the fun. Oakland throws their own mini version of the faire – Details below:

    First, the details:
    When: Sunday, October 18, 2015, 10 am to 5pm
    Where: Park Day School, 360 42nd Street, Oakland […]

  • 1. Magnetic Tool Holder

    This magnetic tool bar reminds me of the magnetic knife holder used in kitchens; why not use one in the garage?! Instead of digging through a drawer, keep all of those tools (drill bits, screws, wrenches, nails, etc.) at an arm’s reach. No more digging through a drawer to find what you need!

    2. Create Recyc […]

  • What better way to get in the DIY and decorating spirit than by checking out some of the greats. Check out the Better Homes and Garden top 10 decorating blogger winners.

    Editors’ Pick: The Makerista

    Visit The Makerista

    Readers’ Pick: The Inspired Room

    Visit The Inspired Room

    Centsational […]

  • Greet guests with this charming alternative to a fall wreath. Simply apply a layer of chalkboard paint to the inside of an old tray, then add autumn branches and bittersweet berries for a seasonal finish. (Swap in evergreen and holly for the holidays!)
    or switch it up a lovely owl

    For the wreath base: Wrap burlap ribbon ($8;joann.com) […]

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    The Re:Make festival is back and coming soon. Re:Make is put on by crafter, DIYer and entrepreneur, Brit Morin. Morin puts on a pretty fantastic show of craftsmen, local artists and everything else in between.

    Re:Make 2015: Shop Handmade Goods + Make Free DIY Projects

    Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM @ The F […]

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    Love to cook? Looking to improve your skills or simply learn some new techniques and recipes. Check out these local schools that can help you BBQ like Flay, get goofy like Julia, and have the know-how like Ramsay.
    San Francisco Cooking School 
    690 Van Ness Ave
    San Francisco, CA
    (415) 346-2665
    San Francisco Cooking School offers fresh, ne […]

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    Are you ready for the upcoming heat wave schedule to hit the Bay Area this upcoming week. Try out these foods that promise to keep your cooled down.
    Grilled Halibut and Fresh Mango Salsa

    mango in a lime-cider vinegar dressing, this salsa strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory. It also brings out the natural sweetness of […]

  • Doing chores just stinks. Not many folks look forward to chores and cleaning up. Hopefully we can provide a couple quick tips to make it less dreadful.
    Try dusting cloth lampshades with a lint roller. It works quickly and effectively without the hassle of a vacuum.
    Slip an old unmatched sock on your hand and dust as you go.
    Make D […]

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    Looking for some fun summer projects? Why not treat your pet to some of these clever ideas and get your hands dirty.
    DIY Cat Tree

    Be part of the clawing experience with this awesome DIY cat tree. Instructions HERE!
    Pet Beds

    OMG – Look at that pupperdoodle! And look at that cute pet bed. Find out how to make your own HERE and see m […]

  • Maker Camp is a camp for kids who like to “make”. There are tons of STEM/STEAM programs out there, and we’ve mentioned a few around the Bay here. Maker Camp is a world wide camp that is free for anyone to join in.  The basis of the camp is mostly online through Google Hangouts, however, folks host local chapters where k […]

  • Here are the top 7 tools of the trade for any home cook.
    1. The flexible Cutting Board.

    Yes, yes.. I know this tip is straight out of your grandma’s kitchen and simply put… it rules.
    2. Garlic Peeler

    At first glance you may see a big empty noodle.. well fear not, that’s not a noodle. Simply stick you cloves of garlic i […]

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    You don’t have to go out to have a good time with your sweetie. Staying home has its perks and hopefully we can share some creative ideas to make it more unique and fun.
    1. Turn those lights off and have a date in the dark.

    Get your candles and flashlights and get creative in the activities you can do with the lights out (hey.. not […]

  • There are a lot of different events that happen in the Bay Area and this is one that you don’t want to miss. It’s fun for the whole family, offering up something for everyone. From cupcake cars to fire breathing monsters and drone wars. This event promises a lot of fun.. even beyond being a geek.
    Maker Faire Bay Area has been […]

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    Recently I’ve been into looking at the world of “themed rooms” in your home. I think it’s a fun and creative way to show off your interests and do something different. Please join me in looking at some fun and cool ways you can personalize your space with your interests.
    Star Wars Themed Rooms
    &nb […]

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    I know, I know… vegan french toast just sounds boring. I guarantee you this recipe is far from boring. Maybe you’re out of eggs or just need a break or you’re dating someone that doesn’t eat eggs, this recipe is simple and delicious.
    What you will need:  2-3 Servings
    – Bread of your choice
    – Ci […]

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    I love when people are creative about their environment as well as their art and the planet. Just because you don’t have a full garden doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from delicious food grown on your own turf.. even if it’s up high above the city.
    Here are some great Urban Gardening ideas that run deep.
    The hanging […]

  • DIY websites are all over these days, you can easily pick one that suits your style with ease. Today I want to celebrate one of the original DIY videos series that’s been around for a long time, ThreadBanger. These folks have been making vlogs with a variety of clever and crafty projects. I was sad to see that they disappeared from […]

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    Asparagus is in season and I wait all year long for it. It’s one of my favorite veggies to eat and offers some great health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, this superfood aids in anti-aging amongst many other things. I could lecture all day about eating your greens but what I would really like to do is share some of my favorite […]

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    It’s that lovely time of year to get out there and tend to the garden. Here are some great tips for Bay Area gardening. One thing we need to keep in mind is that we are in a drought and that changes our options.
    Get rid of your grass and plant drought tolerant plants.

    Lewisia cotyledon ‘Sunset Strain’

    This bloomer, f […]

  • Don’t be stuck doing the old traditional egg dye and chocolate bunnies this Easter. Let’s get creative and come up with some new twists on the Easter tradition.
    The Egg-Bot!! Ever heard of it?? It’s a clever new way to make amazing egg designs while satisfying your love for tech.

    You may not need something this advanced […]

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    Here are some great craft ideas that you can do to celebrate the robot craze. These fun ideas are great for the family and a super duper weekend project to do after seeing Chappie or Hero 6.
    Use old soup cans or other old tin cans to repurpose into robots! Pop on some googly eyes and pipe cleaners and use that imagination.

    Or use […]

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    Nothing beats a deliciously cooked pork. This is the easiest recipe EVER! I’m not kidding and you will be amazed at how easy this is and how amazing it will taste. The pork literally will just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth.

    – 4 – 6 lbs of pork shoulder (bone in)
    – 25 garlic cloves – peeled […]

  • Need a space to work from home. Like a nice designated space that is out of the way where you can concentrate. You’re probably like most of us in an urban situation where you just simply do not have the space for a full on office. Posting the blog about little libraries has me thinking of pint size creative places, or places that yo […]

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    There are many things in this world that are great, and there are some things that are just simply amazing. There’s a local soap company that is truly making their mark in the world where the dirty are gettin’ clean.
    Outlaw Soaps makes beautiful products that will leave you in awe wanting more. The owners obviously have a sens […]

  • Who doesn’t love grabbing a book and getting cozy at home. With advanced technology, ebooks and such we are seeing such a drastic decrease in book love. There are the tried and true book lovers out there and I’m one of them. Nothing will ever replace the love I have for getting a new book, the smell of the pages and even the f […]

  • As you can tell from past posts we love Maker Faire. Coined the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth and we agree. You can find a little bit of everything there to entice the maker in you. The faire in the Bay Area isn’t until May 17th and 18th however I wanted to bring a reminder early to our followers.
    Earlybird tickets are on sale no […]

  • Bathrooms are one of those places that we often forget about that can quickly become a hectic place where clutter goes to die. Here are some handy creative ideas that could help.
    1. Baskets!! Yes, baskets! Utilize your wall space by hanging up some baskets and storing your items in them. This will free up counter space as well as doubling […]

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    I don’t know about you but I’m really into the idea that if you have something good that works than no need in fixing it. You may be wondering what I’m talking about… Cocktails of course!
    I love a good classical cocktail of yesteryear. I like it even more that the trend has come back a lot in past years.
    The List

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    This upcoming Tuesday Make: Magazine will be hosting a “Wearable Electronics” meet up at their NEW lab in San Francisco. This event is FREE and open to the public!

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  • Want to try something different this Thanksgiving. Perhaps go with a different side or dare I say not have a turkey. Here are some great alternatives that you could try this Thanksgiving.
    A Turkeyless Thanksgiivng
    Be thankful on Thursday for some new serving ideas. Contemporary ingredients turn up in Greens with Roasted Corn and Pepper Sa […]

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    The Bay Area is full of great salvage yards and reuse locations for all of your art, craft, home, and crazy needs. Want to get that old rustic feeling with an antique? Or are you looking for a weekend restoration projects? I guarantee that you can find places to buy all things old and new. Here are the best of the entire Bay Area’s […]

  • I’ve been obsessed with the little things that you can do to fix up your home in a classy way on the cheap. I started digging around and found some great ideas that I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.
    This Old House website offers various lists on inexpensive ideas that are simple and eye catching. Like this idea of replacing a p […]

  • Are you ready for Halloween? Life is so busy and holidays can be expensive. We want to share some easy crafts and tricks to get you in the holiday spirit, as well as your home in a hurry.
    Luminaries from cans:

    You can create this great luminaries by taking old food cans, a hammer, a nail, and your ideas. If a hammer and nail take too lon […]

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    The web is full of information – You can literally find a ton of  interesting things on the world of the web. You can further your education and interests online for free. I want to share some of the best websites and platforms that I’ve found helpful and just plain awesome.

    DIY websites are popping up everywhere these days. […]

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    We’ve all heard of Maker Faire by now, right? Did you know that Oakland hosts a small version of one? The East Bay Mini Maker is hosted at Park Day School and is great smaller alternative to the large Maker Faire earlier in the year in San Mateo.

    This is an event you don’t want to miss, and it’s great for the whole fami […]

  • DIY
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    Every once in a while you come across inspiring stories of artistic people that use their talents to create something that is literally awe inspiring. That’s what maker couple Nick Olson and Lilah Horowitz have mastered to do. They had a dream to capture a moment they shared watching a sunset years ago, so they decided to build a […]

  • DIY
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    “Woodn’t” your home look even more wonderful with a few warm, natural wood enhancements? And, don’t you have all that spare time to work on these during your next two days of glorious weekend?!
    Here are a few ideas to get your DIY juices flowing:
    Reclaimed wood has definitely made its mark in recent years in home d […]

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    10 Easy & Stylish Flower Arranging Tips

    1. When it comes to color stick to a consistent color palette that is in fashion. As in clothes, think what colors you would wear together.  If the colors don’t match in an outfit, they won’t in an arrangement either.  Choose 3 colors for an easy combination (think two main […]

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    With the upcoming nuptials of a client on the horizon, we started our work on the event design and to got to crafting!  Often times, we typically see flower arrangements lining the pews and down the isle of a wedding venue (be it in a church, hall or outdoor roof).  We decided to put a little twist on this decor, and created date cards […]

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    Wrap it up: Too many gifts to wrap and too much ugly cheesy wrapping paper out there to do it. Don’t fret alternate options for wrapping is all the rage this season, so take your pick! A few of my faves are fabrics and newspaper; these sustainable and often reusable wrapping alternatives are a fun way to wrap gifts. Pick a few fabric pa […]

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    Sooo, I must admit that this year I went a little decorator-crazy for Halloween.  I have historically always loved this holiday – it’s fun, silly and it’s a day out of the year when you can have any excuse in the world to behave and look the way you choose – with little-to-no judgement!  While my costume idea thi […]

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    Like many people I know I have been saving wine corks for a while now looking for that special project where I can showcase my lovely talent of consuming wine. I have toyed around with the idea of making a corkboard (original thought, I know) out of them but I have never gotten around to it for whatever reason. However, I recently came ac […]

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    Inspiration for Wall Display
    If you are need of some inspiration for those bare walls in your home check out these templates from hubpages.com. If you are like us you have seen frame galleries popping up all over; from John and Sherry’s frame gallery over at younghouselove.com; to feature photos in the pottery barn catalog, frame galle […]

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    Have you ever made a terrarium?  I’m sure you’ve seen them around…essentially a terrarium is a glass object filled with a mini landscape of soil, small plants, flowers, rocks, etc.  They are so cute, and you can get really creative with them!  To get started:
    1. Hit up a local TJ Maxx to find a pretty glass jar &#8211 […]

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    With the new year quickly approaching and so much holiday shopping to be done, I realized that we often lose sight of all the things we have to be grateful for. I decided to come with a crafty way to help the people in my family make notes of these blessings and keep track of them. Taking the suggestion from one of my favorite blogs (www. […]