May…it’s all about the flowers!

10 Easy & Stylish Flower Arranging Tips



1. When it comes to color stick to a consistent color palette that is in fashion. As in clothes, think what colors you would wear together.  If the colors don’t match in an outfit, they won’t in an arrangement either.  Choose 3 colors for an easy combination (think two main colors and 1 accent color).   Or do many shades of the same color and keep it tonal.

2. Remember your rule of 3 (3 different colors of the same flowers, or 3 of the same color/tone of different flowers).  Buy bunches of a few colors instead of a few stems of 10 different flowers.

3. Buy open AND closed flowers. Open flowers are more beautiful because they have more shape and texture. But an only open arrangement won’t last and can look artificial. – if you can’t find a combination of both you can stick with closed and force open a few.  Gently point a hair dryer, on low toward the buds for a moment and then put them in warm water. Give them about 30 minutes to open – but be gentle on your beauties as not to make them wilt.

Buying on the Cheap (and easy)

1. Don’t turn your nose up to weeds/wildflowers and.. roughage?:  Yes, Thistle, Queen Anne’s Lace, Bougainvillea and Kale for instance, help to create an organic look and shape and it doesn’t hurt that they are cheap and easy to buy – OR CLIP.

2. Go ahead and buy some deli/supermarket flowers. But be choosey. They can often be more manhandled, older, and have had less care in transport.  Look for sturdy, intact stems and perky leaves. Try to buy at the end of your shopping as to reduce the amount of time they are out of water.

3. Go outside and clip branches from your back yard. Branches are even cheaper and easier than weeds and they last a lot longer.  Your trees need pruning anyway.  They can make massive impact without budging your budget.

4. Ask a florist for their ‘discounted’ flowers. These are the ones they can’t sell at full price because they will only last a couple days because well.. they are old.  But, for a  photo shoot or a day-of party, they are perfect.  They, likely have them in the back.  But be tactful how you ask for them. Explain that you are hoping for open flowers (for a party) and wonder if they have any.  It sounds much better than asking for the cheap flowers behind the desk.

The Fun Part – Arranging

1. Think of Flowers as beautiful people – the more you try to make them perfect the less beautiful they begin to appear. Keep their natural look.  Picture them growing in the field.  Don’t force it.

2. Create an organic shape and not that tempting, too typical dome.

3. Flowers don’t grow in dome like shapes. A happy flower grows organically and wild so with stick with Mother Nature and keep that variation and interest.  It’s best to have the arrangement balanced but not perfectly symmetrical.

4. Choose interesting vases. Clear are fine and show off their stems in a lovely way. But pitchers, watering cans, boxes, jars, boots and bottles also make lovely vessels.

To end, go with what you like together, don’t force the shape, enjoy texture and by all means make way for naturally perfect, imperfect beauty!  It’s just so much more interesting!


Crafting it up!

With the upcoming nuptials of a client on the horizon, we started our work on the event design and to got to crafting!  Often times, we typically see flower arrangements lining the pews and down the isle of a wedding venue (be it in a church, hall or outdoor roof).  We decided to put a little twist on this decor, and created date cards that will hang on the chair closest to the isle all the way to the alter.  We think they are modern, chic and fun.  And not to mention, easy to make!

All you need are cardboard cutouts (which can be handmade or picked up in a bin at Michael’s), clear liquid glue pen, gold dust (or another color of your choice), some twine or rope, a hole punch and a number stamp set!

Check ‘em out!


Holiday Décor: 5 Crafty, Cool Ideas

Wrap it up: Too many gifts to wrap and too much ugly cheesy wrapping paper out there to do it. Don’t fret alternate options for wrapping is all the rage this season, so take your pick! A few of my faves are fabrics and newspaper; these sustainable and often reusable wrapping alternatives are a fun way to wrap gifts. Pick a few fabric patterns you like from cheap fabric stores and wrap or tie them up at the top of the box.

If you chose newspaper, make sure the section you are using is mostly all words, so the pattern looks consistent. There are also fancy embellishments you can add like the newspaper “flower”, shown below. Don’t be afraid to get a little fancy, or just stick with simple and rustic by tying the present up with twine.

Wrath of Wreaths: So far every wreath you’ve seen leaves something to be desired. You want to be creative and stand out amongst your neighbors, don’t you? This year, DIY and create an amazing edible wreath that you can use even after you take it down. Country Living shows us an edible oregano, sage, rosemary and bay leaves to create an awesome smelling and looking wreath for inside or outside. I would start by using a wire hanger, bend it into a circle, then gentle wrap the herbs around the wire and attach them with pieces of twine.

Punch it up: Oh no! Your holiday party is tomorrow and your punch is looking boring. Stiff? Yes. But it needs some flair. Not to worry, just put water in an angel food cake mold and place two rosemary twigs into the mold. Then place in your freezer to freeze overnight. When ready to place into your delicious punch, place the mold in hot water until it slips out. And voila your very own holiday rosemary ice ring that will keep your punch punching all night!

No Tree No Problem: No room for a tree this year? Or no time? No problem, there are great affordable and time saving solutions for trees to spruce up your home and make it just as festive this year. If you have ornaments and a silver or gold bowl, place them on a mantle or as a centerpiece for your dining room table. You can mix it up by adding pinecones which can be purchase at Trader Joe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, or any craft store.

Party Favors: There are many types of garlands out there; fresh tree, imitation, sparkling green, red and gold. But why not do something different this year? Temp your houseguests with a party favor-esque garland made from Werthers candies, peppermints and other holiday treats! All your need is your favorite kinds of holiday candies and a staples or hot glue gun. String them together and staple or glue the ends together. Just make sure your garland is twice as long as your mantle for hanging. String up your candies and pin them up! Tip: make sure to have some extra on hand so your guests don’t get grabby!

Hey Hey, it’s Halloween!

Sooo, I must admit that this year I went a little decorator-crazy for Halloween.  I have historically always loved this holiday – it’s fun, silly and it’s a day out of the year when you can have any excuse in the world to behave and look the way you choose – with little-to-no judgement!  While my costume idea this year is pretty underwhelming to years past, I am pretty proud of the DIY decorations I hung up early yesterday morning.  Check them out, and let me know if you want some tips on how to make these!  Enjoy the weekend, and be safe!


Cork Monograms

Like many people I know I have been saving wine corks for a while now looking for that special project where I can showcase my lovely talent of consuming wine. I have toyed around with the idea of making a corkboard (original thought, I know) out of them but I have never gotten around to it for whatever reason. However, I recently came across this project and am for sure doing it! Its simple, creative, stylish, and easy peasy.  All you need is a basic outline for a letter, wine corks, a hot glue gun and some glue sticks.

And, I am so good at drinking wine, and saving corks, that I have plenty of supplies to share. I plan to invite friends over so that they can make their own monograms too. Should be a fun party! If you were like me and didn’t know what to do with your corks jump on this project and party idea now!

Visit for complete instructions.

Start collecting frames…now!

Inspiration for Wall Display

If you are need of some inspiration for those bare walls in your home check out these templates from If you are like us you have seen frame galleries popping up all over; from John and Sherry’s frame gallery over at; to feature photos in the pottery barn catalog, frame galleries are huge right now. We too think they are great as you can display so many meaningful things all in one space, while creatively and beautifully filling your wall space.

This project can be budget friendly too! Try framing everyday items you have on hand, or create your own art like John and Sherry did here.

Head over to ikea for some matching frames with mats, or check out your local Aaron Brothers. . .rumor has it their ‘buy one get one for a penny’ sale is ON until the end of July!

Glass Beauties!

Have you ever made a terrarium?  I’m sure you’ve seen them around…essentially a terrarium is a glass object filled with a mini landscape of soil, small plants, flowers, rocks, etc.  They are so cute, and you can get really creative with them!  To get started:
1. Hit up a local TJ Maxx to find a pretty glass jar – a round vase, a cookie jar, a fish bowl, a cereal container with a lid – any of these will do.  Dust it off and get it all shiny!
2. Toss in some rich soil…depending on the size of your glass item, fill appropriately.  You can add some small pebbles, gravel, stones or moss if you would like.
3.  Find a nice foliage plant(s) to insert into the soil.  Some that will work well are: aluminum plants, artillery plants, creeping figs, and ferns.
4. Don’t add water – just a tiny bit here and there to keep the plants alive!

These little gems add character on a bookshelf, bedside table or bathroom counter.

Have fun!


With the new year quickly approaching and so much holiday shopping to be done, I realized that we often lose sight of all the things we have to be grateful for. I decided to come with a crafty way to help the people in my family make notes of these blessings and keep track of them. Taking the suggestion from one of my favorite blogs (, I created 5 ‘Pot-o-Thanks’ and gifted them to my parents and siblings for Christmas. Here is a photo of mine, which I keep on my mantle next to a family photo:

To Make:

  1. Scour the bric-and-brac section of a local thrift store for an old apothecary jar –best if it has a lid. If you’re “allergic” to the Goodwill in your neighborhood, you can find a fancy one at Home Goods or Pottery Barn.
  2. Purchase a small jar of Armour Etch – which can be painted onto glass to create whatever designs you might like. I wrote “thanks” on some of them; mine has just a solid bar. You can find this at Michael’s or even on Ebay.
  3. Cut up small pieces of scrapbooking paper, and fold in half.
  4. Set a time for you to write yourself some thanks – whether it’s once a week, once a day. Just do it. It feels good. And looks cute too!