Jenn Shull Lison

Founder & Project Manager
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Jenn LIson

Jenn is the owner of Off Your Plate, which she founded in 2009.  She has over 15 years of project management experience working in various industries, and has found a niche in helping out individuals and families who genuinely find her services valuable. She truly believes her clients gain time, energy, peace of mind, and even wealth by hiring Off Your Plate for various services.

In the time Off Your Plate can save you by running weekly errands, prepping for a party or coordinating with vendors on a home remodel, you can play at the park with your kids, spend more hours of your day in the office or on the golf course.  Jenn feels that her service allows her customers to have what they really want – more time.  She values both the professional and personal connections she’s made over the years, and those relationships that continue to thrive because of Off Your Plate.

Jenn is a 6th generation Bay Arean, and a college athlete – which she knows helped her to excel in time-management, efficiency and teamwork.  After graduating from Northwestern University in 2000, she moved back to San Francisco.  She received her MA at USF in 2005, and has spent the years since, gaining knowledge in a realm of industries & environments – learning and consuming as much as possible and valuing every experience, as it lends itself to the success of Off Your Plate.