"Re-organizing and re-designing my home office space has been on my to-do list for three years. Never got done because I didn't have the time and thought I didn't have the money. The staff at Off Your Plate solved both of those problems."
Jill - San Francisco, CA
Jenn and her team have helped me stay sane when life just seems too busy and too much is piling up. Their professionalism and experience are a huge asset to my business and a comfort to clients in need!
Jessica - San Francisco, CA
"Off Your Plate is amazing. My house has been transformed. Everything from my office space looking tidy to actually enjoying walking into my garage. The owner is amazing. She is down to earth, finds cost saving ways to doing things and has a large depth of talent in what she can offer you. Off Your Plate has not only got me organized but also helped me as a personal assistant when my work load was too much or I would rather be with my baby at the park than taking things to goodwill. Just try it. You will not be sorry."
TJ - San Francisco, CA
Jenn & Jay are amazing at anything and everything! They are so friendly, fun and help you with anything you need. I am working with them on getting my apartment organized after a year of living here! They are making my apartment a home. Also, they are very reasonable and has a great network of professionals who can help with cleaning etc.
Ami - San Francisco, CA
"A couple of days before my son's engagement party started, my florist cancelled on me. I called up Off Your Plate, and they were able to create a beautiful spread of flower arrangements for the party. They saved me! I've relied on them for many projects like that ever since they helped me out."
Kim - San Jose, CA
Off Your Plate personal assistant service was a life saver when I needed to move my mother from her home to an assisted living facility. They helped my mom go through her clothes, furnishings and belongings. Mom really appreciated their patience when helping her make decisions on what to take to her new home. After packing everything, they helped her set up her new place and took unwanted items to Salvation Army. They even sold some pieces of furniture for her. They are now helping me get her house in shape to put on the market. Jenn the owner, and her staff are bonded, trustworthy and very reliable. I can't say enough good things about them.
Laura - San Francisco, CA
"I hired off your plate for professional help. I needed help sifting through resumes on craigslist to find the right employee to fit my needs. They are efficient, smart, keep to the projected time/budget, and deliver great results. I was really nervous about passing off a job like this that I normally do myself, and it was a fantastic feeling to have it done so well and with ease. I love the concept of the business. Take a load off your life and give it a try."
Jenny - San Francisco, CA
Jenn Shull is an amazing woman! I LOVE her and the service that she & her team provides. You can give her a list of errands, your grocery list, your Xmas shopping list, etc. & she can knock EVERYTHING out for you at a very reasonable hourly rate. She has helped me get organized, buy furniture/do interior design, plan/execute a dinner party or holiday party in my home, put together gift baskets for friends/clients, etc. As a Bay Area native, she is well connected and has a huge Rolodex of people that she can refer you to as well for all sorts of services that are outside of her scope. The business she is running is wonderful! She is helping so many people. I have retained her for projects and it has really been such a relief having her in my life. Jenn is really good at what she does & she cares deeply about her clients.
Sara - San Francisco
"I found Off Your Plate through Yelp earlier this year when I was looking for a personal assistant. I could not be more satisfied with her quality and professionalism, and that is key because an assistant in an extension of you. We now work together 2-3 hours week. Before using Off Your Plate, my mail would pile up for months and many tasks just did not get done. Jenn helped me get through the back log, and we have since set up a weekly system to make sure I am on top of all of my personal responsibilities including bill paying, managing appointments and prescriptions. I always thought it would be great to have a personal assistant, but I knew that full time would be overkill for me, and that I would not be able to justify the expense. The fact that I can have a regular weekly meeting with Jenn, and that I know I can call on her and her team if I need extra help (like the party I had two weeks ago, or the things that need to be dealt with when I am out of town) is perfect for me."
JJ-San Francisco, CA
I've moved twice in San Francisco and wouldn't have survived either transition without the help of Jenn and her dream team. From beautifying my first apartment to helping with every last detail as I get settled in my second, Jenn takes care of everything with charm and efficiency. I can't imagine getting everything done without her and know I couldn't.
Chelsea - San Francisco, CA
"I'm a busy young professional, and didn't even know where to begin when I wanted to update my new condo. Off Your Plate came in, gave me some direction and worked with me to give me the home I'd been looking for. They added color and personality and eliminated clutter. I am so grateful!"
Mike - San Francisco, CA
I had a really important event to go to and was lost on how to find the perfect outfit. One of Off Your Plate's contractors came and picked me up, took me shopping and in the end made me feel like the bell of the ball. She knew exactly how to work with my personality and what I felt comfortable in. I'll definitely use them again.
Kathleen - San Jose, CA

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