Bill Pay

  • We will go through your mail – either at home or in your office, open an sort it, and make sure all your bills get paid on time each month.

Hiring Help

  • Are you a small business that doesn’t have the time to sort through endless resumes and applicants? We will take care of all the administrative work necessary upfront and give you a small handful of candidates to choose from.

Part-time Office Help

  • Do you run a business that could use some office help on a part-time basis, and you aren’t interested in hiring a full-time employee? We can staff your office a few hours a week to get everything done without the expense of an employee.

Light bookkeeping

  • Track expenses and payments, pay bills, keep track of your expenses. We are familiar with Quickbooks and can help with light bookkeeping needs, in conjunctuion with your CPA or bookkeeper.

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