Don’t let life become a chore! Our team specializes in taking things you don’t have time for off your plate! There’s always so many things to get done around the home that us busy individuals don’t have the time for. Maybe you need assistance with having fresh meals prepared for the family, or someone to coordinate remodeling vendors, you can trust us to help out. Some of the tasks we handle:

Weekly Meals

  • Help prepare weekly meals for you and your family to enjoy.  Prep, cook and freeze/serve…we can take this huge load off!

House Management

  • Do you live in another city, but want to trust that things are being handled at your SF Bay Area residence? You can trust the folks at Off Your Plate to watch over and take care of your home while you’re away.

Contractor Coordination

  • Having some remodeling done at home or just hate sitting around waiting for the Comcast tech?  Give us a call and we’ll be the point person for all communication and coordination during these events.

General Referrals

  • Are you in desperate need for an architect, photographer, real estate agent, personal trainer, insurance agent, or IT guru?  We can put you in touch with trusted and fabulous experts in all of these industries.

We are all about providing the best experience for our clients. Besides household services, we also offer many other concierge services in San Francisco and surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation of your needs. You can also check out our services page for more info.