Skip the lines and traffic. Enjoy life! Off Your Plate can act as your personal shopper, from running weekly errands to helping you pick out a new stylish wardrobe. Hiring a personal shopper can not only help you save time, but can also help you spend wisely by avoiding impulse buys and when it comes to clothing, help you make the best possible impression by working with your style. We take on various shopping tasks for our clients so feel free to contact us! Check below for some of the things we cover.

Weekly errands

  • OYP will make trips to the grocery store, farmers market, COSTCO, pharmacy, eyeglass repair, cobbler, etc.  We will pick up and drop off your items, and put away at your home so you don’t have to worry about it!  We can also pick up loads of fresh veggies and spend the time cleaning and prepping them so they’re all ready for you to eat!

Home Goods

  • Shop for items for your home – furniture, accessories, etc.  Using our wholesale license, Off Your Plate can provide you designer quality items at wholesale prices.

Save Time

  • If you are stumped for time but need some essentials for an upcoming special event, such as a wedding, or a business conference, OYP can help. With our contacts and connections, we act swiftly to ensure you have what you need, while your focus remains on the important things in life.

Save Money

  • Out with the impulse buys and discount indulgences. We’ll ensure your money is well spent by running an expert eye over your existing wardrobe, before adding only what you need. Your wardrobe doesn’t need an overhaul; a touch of elegance here and there goes a long way!

Weekly Flowers

  • We will shop for beautiful flowers for your home, create lovely bouquets and place them throughout your home.  Come home from work and smell and see wonderful bunches in each room!

Personal Styling

  • Work with you to find what types of clothes you love, and what types of outfits wear you well.  Or just come up with a list and send us to Nordstrom.  We’re happy to help you feel your best, by picking out the perfect something!

Emergency Delivery

  •  Life can get pretty hectic at times and when this happens, things get misplaced or forgotten completely. OYP to the rescue. Shoes, cuff links or phone chargers—we can find them quickly and have them to you in time for that important function.

Personal Guide

  • We’ll take you on a bespoke shopping tour that will open your eyes to the possibilities this wonderful city has to offer. Whether you are here for a day or a week, with our knowledge of San Francisco, we’ll guide you to the best boutiques and the most stylish stores. Need a new suit for an upcoming business meeting but aren’t sure where to get it? Don’t fret; OYP’s got your back!

Looking for a Personal Shopper in San Francisco? Please contact us for a free consultation.