An uncluttered life is a good life! Off Your Plate can take on the stressful and overwhelming task of home organization. Whether you need a closet organized, somebody to sort through boxes in the garage or a household makeover, we’re here to help. When seeking out a professional organizer to help you get on track, you need somebody that is efficient, creative and respectful of your belongings. We’re all of the above. Some of the things Off Your Plate can do for you:

Room Reorganization

  • Make subtle or major changes in your office, garage or playrooms to make sure you’re maximizing and enjoying all the space you have!
  • Introduce innovative and space conserving storage solutions to make your home more appealing to the eye.
  • Act as your guide to lead you through the entire process, from start to finish, following a simple but effective plan of action.

Organization Systems

  • Create a detailed household plan/system that will make it easy for you and your family to commit to staying organized.
  • Assist you in creating an inventory of your possessions that allows you to easily identify what stays and what goes.
  • Introduce you to unique disposal solutions as well as show you how, when and where to get rid of things quickly.

Save Valuable Time

  • Help you to go through the whole sorting and sifting process more quickly so you don’t lose an entire weekend clearing your garage.
  • Use our knowledge and experience to help you dispose and donate in a fraction of the time.
  • Teach you time-saving techniques that allow you to stay on top of clutter effortlessly and with little interruption to your busy schedule

Sort, Shred and File

  • Sort out your seasonal decorations so they are easily laid out and put away as and when you need them.
  • Shred the masses of paperwork you no longer need, while you attend to your work or family matters.
  • Create intuitive filing systems so you never misplace or lose important paperwork again.

Declutter & Donate

  • Help to repurpose, donate or sell items that are no longer needed.  Sort through old boxes, closets and storage units. to free your daily life of clutter!

If you’re searching for a professional organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area, please feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.