Home Hunt

  • Searching for the perfect new home can be very time consuming.  Off Your Plate will scour Craigslist and work with our partnered real estates and rental leasing agents to find the perfect place!

Getting Situated

  • If you are new to your neighborhood or city, Off Your Plate will work to make you aware of your new surroundings, help to inform you about local schools, parks, libraries, community centers, etc.  We will also help you find great restaurants, shops and local merchants that are in your new neighborhood.

General Referrals

  • When you’re new to a city, you have to find new EVERYTHING!  Because Off Your Plate has a very deep referral network, we can make sure you have everything you need to help you feel more at ease with your new environment.  If you need a local architect, personal trainer, or web tutor, we can help!