With over 40 combined years of project management experience, our team has worked in marketing, sports management, interior design, event planning, fundraising, family & child services, executive administration, human resources, and other concierge/travel-based services.  The staff at Off Your Plate is here to help you with projects, both big and small.  We ensure a very trustworthy environment (are insured & bonded), and there is no project we won’t consider helping you with.  If we cannot help you directly, we have a deep network of trusted professionals that we can connect you with.

We are very down-to-earth, organized, efficient, and dependable.  We pride ourselves on having a very social and unique relationship with each of our clients. We want to give the best service possible to save you time and make your life easier.

With our services, you can have a house manager, a personal assistant, a home organizer, a project manager, an interior designer, a party planner and a personal shopper right at your fingertips. We excel in working with clients on a regular basis, providing weekly personal assistance or assisting in the home with anything overwhelming our clients; and also often work with those whose primary residence is not in the Bay Area by helping to take care of things on the home front .  Freeing up a few hours in your week will make a world of difference – we can guarantee that!